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Americans Believe Life Would Be Better If More Americans Were Christian


From Rasmussen Reports

  • 61% Say Life in U.S. Would Be Better if More Lived as Christians.
  • Evangelical Christians, by an 88%-to-three-percent (3%) margin, say life would be better if more Americans followed Christ. Other Protestants agree, 72% to five percent (5%).
  • Among Catholics, 60% say life would be better, and seven percent (7%) say worse.

Would America be a more different place if more Americans were Christian? According to a recent poll by Rasmussen, that answer would be yes. As we approach this Christmas season, the question begs: do we risk the separation of church and state if we start to incorporate more Judeo-Christian beliefs into our society?

This country is already trying to balance out the different cultures and religions that it has, so would elevating one specific religion be fair to the others? Should this country disregard other religions just because the majority of its citizens are of one faith? As a catholic, this author has contrasting viewpoints about this topic, but as an American, the answer is clear-cut: this country was founded on the grounds of religious freedom. Therefore, anyone and everyone should have the right to practice what they believe in, not what everybody else thinks they should believe in.

With that said, this author hopes that everyone have a safe and happy holiday season and may we all be thankful for what we all have.


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