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Majority Of American Adults View Christmas Is Most Important Holiday


From Rasmussen Reports

  • 66% Say Christmas Is One of the Most Important Holidays
  • More Republicans (77%) regard Christmas as one of the most important holidays than Democrats (56%)
  • Eight percent (8%) of men and four percent (4%) of women consider Christmas one of the nation?s least important holidays

We cannot deny the fact that although this country tries its best to be secular, the topic of religion (especially the Christian religion) remains the forefront issue in most peoples' minds. According to a new poll conducted by Rasmussen, about 66% of people believe that Christmas is the most important holiday of the year.

To this author, Christmas has taken a whole new meaning. The commericialization and mundaness of this holiday has blurred the true meaning of the season: many have replaced 'the manger scene' with 'Santa Claus Lane'. But, to everyone's credit, this season does bring out the good in people--and for that, Christmas has and always will be one of the better holidays on our calendar (for the sole fact that society tries its best to better itself).

Additionally, non-Christians have also adopted this holiday. They embrace the good-natured will of gift giving and celebration, and for that fact, the holiday has succeeded.

From all of us here at, we wish you and yours a joyous holiday season. Merry Christmas!


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