What problems facing Americans?

For people who think that America is such a dream place it can be really disappointing: America has huge problems. All countries have. What makes the American dream not so colorful and brilliant?

Lack of respect for other nations

Americans love their country so deeply that they just not always see that not only Russia, Japan or any other country in the world have some inadequacies. Even more sad reality is that Americans do not always respect each other.

Lack of respect for the old

Previous generation has always been this “less important”. There are the young who are here to take over the world and this is the right course of events. However, showing no respect for those who have “laid the ground” for us, raised us, gave us home and security for years is just not right. If we do not care about the old, we must ask ourselves: What kind of people are we becoming?


Drugs make problems wherever they appear. They are simply something which ruins people, families and thus, whole countries.


Maybe it is the consequence of this American sense of superiority which causes so much bullying here. We all seem to understand what tolerance means, but still somehow we tend to pick on those who differ from us or are weaker.

Ineffective educational system

It is not that Americans are not intelligent. The problem lies in the education which is centered mainly on America, its history and culture. Other cultures and countries are treated as less important and this attitude may just cause racism and, again, lack of respect for the rest of the world. Improvements are necessary, even students already see that the system does not work as well as it should.

The media

There are two main areas which are wrong the most in the American media. First of all, the quality of TV programs is just getting worse and worse. It is all about fashion, diets, dancing and false reality presented as the normal one, as if it was to make people think in this or that way. It is about nothing really significant. Celebrities, who are famous for…nobody knows what, are flooding us. The next issue is the objectivity of the presented information. We may sometimes think that we are made to think in a certain way.


A vast majority of us would probably admit that this really is a big problem. We can hardly live without fear. It surely is not only American problem, but the attacks on World Trade Centre in 2001 changed our country entirely.


Free and democratic countries cannot take care of only the rich and corporations. It should take care of all citizens. Corruption is a large problem in America and it can destroy it from inside. Is righteousness and equality still the most important values, or now only those who have money count?

Of course, the list above does not exhaust the subject, there are more problems. The aim of this article is not to make us ashamed of being Americans, it is just a suggestion that we need to start analyzing our behavior so as to make our world better.